Celebration Founders Brick Catalogue

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Founders' Park is in the center of town with a field of bricks dedicated to the founders of the town. One brick was laid for the original owner of each house in Celebration. Because some people bought more than one home, some people have more than one brick.

You can find the location of your Founders' Park brick by looking it up in the alphabetical index. Start by choosing the first letter of you last name. Once on the new page of the letter of your last name, scroll down to find your complete name, or press Ctrl-F on PCs or Command-F on Macs to open the search bar. Type your last name into the search bar and click next to find your name. When you have found your name it will be listed beside a quadrant number and then a row number. Note that bricks with multiple last names on them will be listed seperately by the different last names, and bricks with multiple family members with the same last name may be listed together or seperately.


The Founders' Park Brick Catalogue was created by James W. Eldredge of Boy Scout Troop 125 as his Eagle Scout project.