Celebration Founders Brick Catalogue

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The bricks surround the Celebration logo in a varying pattern. The first three rows are very clear. After the first three rows the bricks are placed in a herringbone pattern. Because of this pattern the rows cannot be counted exactly but there are approximately 20 rows in each quadrant.

Quadrants are divided by grooves on the concrete surrounding the logo. The quadrant numbers increase clockwise and start at 12 o'clock.
Quadrant 1 is above the logo, quadrant 2 is to the right, quadrant 3 is at 6 o'clock below, quadrant 4 is to the left.

The row number you find in the index for your brick will give you an approximate location to search. The first three rows will be in the center and are easy to navigate. Rows four through ten will be in an arc in the first third of the Quardrant.

Rows eleven through fifteen will be in an arc in the middle third of the quadrant.

Rows sixteen through twenty (or beyond) will be in an arc in the outer third of the quadrant.

You will need to count the rows, starting from the logo in the center, and then search a row or two on either side of the row given by the search engine. Search along the entire arc of the quadrant, and you will be able to find your brick.


The Founder's Park Brick Catalogue was created by James W. Eldredge of Boy Scout Troop 125 as his Eagle Scout project.